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What Factors Will Affect The Granulate Rate Of Flat Die Granulator?

Will you be using a flat die granulator for producing pellets using organic fertilizer? These are very small yet efficient systems that will have a very high granulation rate. However, these particular systems which use extrusion rollers can run into problems. There are certain factors that can affect the granulation rate depending upon how many pellets you are making the materials you are using. Although most organic substances, once they have been fermented, will work perfectly fine, there are other factors to consider. Let’s look at what these factors are that can adversely affect the granulation rate when you are utilizing one of the latest flat die granulator is on the market.

Flat Die Powder Granulator Machine

How Does A Flat Die Granulator Work?

These systems are typically powered by some type of electric motor. The way that they are able to make pellets is through circular motion. It is the friction of the system, and the rotation of the rollers, that will lead to the production of the pellets. Temperatures are also going to be increased, especially as the rotation continues, leading to the force of the spinning causing the pellets to be produced. It is this squeezing force, combined with the gelatinized material, at high temperatures, combining into the hard pellets that are used for fertilizer today.

What Factors Can Affect The Way They Work?

There are two specific factors that can affect the overall production value of flat die granulator machines. You must consider the temperature, the organic materials, and what type of materials are used in this process. For example, if you are using a low temperature granulation process, this can affect how it will gelatinized and combined, which is why bio bacterial maneuver would be best for this process. If it is at a higher temperature, this is not going to be the same. High temperatures typically lead to much more efficient results. Additionally, the organic materials you are using could be anything from soybean meal to animal manure, but you must have enough gelatinizing material in the mix to solidify into the pellets themselves.

FPC Flat Die Dry Granulator Machine

How To Find One That Is The Most Efficient

The most efficient models tend to be those that are the largest. You may not realize how many pellets you can make until you have one of these systems. Massive quantities these materials, which could include materials from chickens and pigs, can do very well within the systems. By speaking with representatives of the company, you can quickly determine which systems will be the best for the particular type of fertilizer you are producing.

As long as you are able to obtain a flat die granulator that can produce high enough temperatures to maximize efficiency, you should be able to make as much fertilizer as you want. The material will gelatinize, leading to the solid pieces that you can then remove the burrs from, leading to the final product that you either use for that you can sell to other businesses. Just make sure that you are obtaining this from a reliable source that is known for producing the very best flat die granulators.

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